Alserkal Arts Foundation’s Research Grants

Application Deadline: January 31, 2020

Alserkal Arts Foundation’s Research Grants are designed to support radical, innovative, and contemporary research that challenges traditional modes of practice in a variety of fields. The grants place an emphasis on interdisciplinary proposals, comparative studies, and societal discourses that link the arts, humanities, and social sciences in the context of Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA).

Selection for Alserkal Arts Foundation's Research Grants is based on applicants’ potential to become influential researchers, writers, practitioners, and thought-leaders in their respective fields. The application should make a cohesive argument for how the applicant will expand their expertise through Alserkal Arts Foundation’s Research Grants. Applicants from all countries and disciplines are eligible.

To be eligible to receive a research grant, all applicants must: Be over 21 years of age; Have 5 years of experience; Demonstrate an imaginative and evolving practice which creates space for accessible discourse and pedagogy.

Research grants are awarded as follows:
Grants for individuals - up to US$5,000
Grants for duos/collectives - up to US$10,000
Grants for independent publishers - up to US$10,000

The deadline to apply is 31 January 2020.

For more information please visit

Alserkal Avenue
United Arab Emirates


Application Deadline: January 31, 2020

ArtBirds is a Sino-French association managing cultural exchanges focus on Street Performances. They take part in several outdoor festivals in China so they launch a call for artists who would like to perform in China.

The festival covers international flight - transfer in China - accommodation - perdiems  - salary

Artists and companies interested must present one or two outdoors performances and respect the following points :

  • a solo, duo, trio, quatuor
  • simple to transport by plane
  • adapted to the Chinese public (without words).

The deadline to apply is 31 January 2020.

For more information please visit


De Ateliers

Application Deadline: February 1, 2020

De Ateliers is an artists’ institute open to talented artists at the beginning of their professional career. It offers a two-year studio and tutoring programme that is best tailored to the needs of artists who wish to strengthen their artistic foundation, develop their ideas and deepen their practice in a focused, critical environment among peers from all around the globe. The programme is centred around weekly individual studio conversations with regular and guest tutors, most of whom are practicing artists, aiming to create a better understanding of one’s artistic position by offering a multiplicity of perspectives and critical feedback. De Ateliers is dedicated to studio practice in the widest sense: we consider the studio to be a crucial locus for artistic production, a malleable, porous membrane between the artist and the world that offers finely tuneable conditions for focus, reflection, engagement and activation. A place located in the eye of contemporary reality, where research, thinking and reflection is concentrated in the act of making.

Although there is no formal age limit for applications, our experience is that most applicants are under 28 years old. Command over English is required. A completed art education is not required. All applications are reviewed by the artist tutor team of De Ateliers, and assessed along criteria like artistic urgency, potential for development, and experimental engagement with the visual/material/formal possibilities of art practice.

Deadline is February 1st 2020 23:59. They only accept applications made through the online application form.

For more information please visit

Stadhouderskade 86
1073 AT Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)20 6739359


Bewerbungsschluss: 02. Februar 2020

Aufruf des Koreanischen Kulturzentrums (Kulturabteilung der Botschaft der Republik Korea) zum Einreichen von Werken zur Ausstellung in seiner gallery damdam. Thema der öffentlichen Ausschreibung: "Woher weht der Wind und wohin?"

Die Werke von maximal sechs Personen werden ausgewählt und in Form einer Gruppenausstellung gezeigt. Es besteht auch die Möglichkeit der Bewerbung durch Künstlergruppen. Ausstellungszeitraum ist Mitte Juli bis Ende August 2020.

Einzelpersonen oder Gruppen, die bereits Ausstellungserfahrung im In- oder Ausland (mehr als ein Mal) vorweisen können. Im Falle der Bewerbung durch einen Kurator/ eine Kuratorin müssen die Namen der ausgewählten Künstler*innen, Informationen zum Ausstellungsaufbau und zum Budget sowie ein fertiger Ausstellungsplan eingereicht werden.

Bewerbungsschluss ist der 02. Februar 2020.

Weitere Informationen gibt es unter

Koreanisches Kulturzentrum
Kulturabteilung der Botschaft der Republik Korea
Leipziger Platz 3
10117 Berlin

Statements 2020

Application Deadline: February 23, 2019

Kunstraum Lakeside invites artists and cultural practitioners to participate in the 2020 program by submitting their own “Statement.” They are looking for performative pieces that relate to the annual topic while experimenting with modes of representation in the visual arts in the context of an institution at the interface between art, science, and technology. The 2020 year of programs at Kunstraum Lakeside is devoted to the concept of “format.” Per “Statement” Kunstraum Lakeside provides 1000 euros of production funding including fees, travel and accommodation expenses.

Applications must be sent by email by midnight on February 23, 2020 to the attention of Lea Lugarič.

Further information can be found on

Lea Lugarič
Curatorial assistant
Kunstraum Lakeside
Lakeside B02
9020 Klagenfurt
Tel.: +43 664 83 99 305


Bewerbungsschluss: 29. Februar 2020

Seit 2016 bietet die Ausstellungsreihe PLAYGROUND jungen Künstlern die ideale Gelegenheit, ihr Werk einem breiten Publikum zu präsentieren und erste Kontakte in der Kunstwelt zu knüpfen. 2019 wurde erstmalig durch eine unabhängige Expertenjury der PLAYGROUND ART PRIZE vergeben. Längerfristig streben wir eine internationale Ausschreibung des PLAYG- ROUND ART PRIZE an.

1. Preis: Ausstellung auf der Art Karlsruhe / Personal Marketing Coaching / € 1.000,-
2. Preis: Marketing Workshop / € 300,–
3. Preis: Marketing Workshop / € 200,–
Alle Gewinner werden in der Gruppenausstellung vom 17.06. – 17.07.2020 in der GALERIE VON & VON präsentiert.

Bewerben können sich KünstlerInnen, die zum Bewerbungsende nicht älter als 30 Jahre sind, der- zeit an einer deutschen Kunsthochschule immatrikuliert sind und mindestens 6 Semester an einer Kunsthochschule oder Akademie studiert haben.

Die vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen bitte bis zum Ende der Bewerbungsfrist (29.02.2020) ausschließlich per Mail und unter dem Betreff „Bewerbung PLAYGROUND ART PRIZE 2019“ einsenden.

Weitere Informationen gibt es unter

Galerie VON&VON
Lorenzer Straße 31
90402 Nürnberg
Lauren Godfrey
Dr. Christiane Wolf Di Cecca

Artlake Festival

Application deadline: March 1, 2020

This years Artlake festival is dedicated to the overarching topic ACT WOW! Submitted projects should engage with it with different artistic or discursive approaches and interpretations. Formats may range from performance, exhibition, installation, lecture, debate to workshops and many more.

Artlake Festival is a self-organized, independent festival of culture and arts and accordingly limited in its financial resources. Although all contributions to the festival are intended to be refunded fairly, we would like to draw your attention to these circumstance in the course of your application.

Submissions will be until March 1st, 2020. Please send your applications or questions via email.

For further information please visit

Forecast Mentorship Program

Application deadline: March 1, 2020

Forecast offers artists and creative thinkers the chance to work with accomplished mentors toward bringing their projects to fruition. Creative practitioners and cultural producers working in all creative fields anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply with projects that could benefit from the expertise of one of the mentors in this edition, and from that mentor’s unique approach to material and knowledge production.

The mentors in Forecast’s fifth edition are chef Manu Buffara (Brazil), curator Koyo Kouoh (Cameroon), writer and researcher Evgeny Morozov (Belarus), visual artist and theater director Markus Öhrn (Sweden), musician Du Yun (China), and photographer and filmmaker Tobias Zielony (Germany).

The selection process is two-tiered. First, the mentors carefully review all proposals and invite three candidates each to workshop with the mentor and present their ideas at the Forecast Forum in Berlin, taking place July 13–19, 2020. At the conclusion of the Forum, each mentor chooses one mentee.

Travel and accommodation for Participants at the Forecast Forum in Berlin in July 2020 is granted by Forecast/Skills e.V. If you apply as a duo or collective, Forecast will cover travel and accommodation for only one member. For your participation at the Forecast Forum, you will receive an artist fee of up to 600 euro. In addition, you will be reimbursed for production costs up to 800 euro. You must present receipts in order to be reimbursed for any expenses incurred.

If your proposal is subsequently chosen as one of the six projects to be showcased at the Forecast Festival in April 2021, you will receive an artist fee of 8,000 euro and a production budget for realizing your project, up to 10,000 euro. The production budget will be made available in installments based on the stages of the project’s development and its budgetary requirements. It is imperative that you submit a preliminary production and budget plan to convey the project’s scale and set milestones for its realization.

Candidates will be selected at the sole discretion of Forecast. Applicants selected for participation in the Forecast Forum will be informed by email on or before April 22, 2020. Physical participation in the Forecast Forum for its entire duration is obligatory. Should a candidate for whatever reason not be able to be physically present at the Forum in Berlin for its entire duration, Forecast reserves the right to revoke his/her invitation, and to designate a runner-up instead.

The deadline for applications is March 1, at 11:59pm CET. 

For further information please visit

Bildhauer*in für Atelier im Freien

Bewerbungsschluss: 31. März 2020

Der Fachbereich Kultur von Neukölln ermöglicht jedes Jahr einer Steinbildhauer*in in der Zeit der Sommerferien für vier Wochen im Körnerpark auf der Terrasse vor der Orangerie zu arbeiten. Dieses Stipendium ist wie ein transparentes Atelier gedacht, so dass Menschen, die in diesen Wochen den Park besuchen, der Bildhauer*in beim Arbeiten zusehen und erfahren können, wie eine Steinskulptur entsteht. Wer sich auf das Stipendium bewirbt, sollte also Lust daran haben, mit Menschen in Kommunikation zu treten und sie an ihrem Schaffen teilhaben zu lassen.

Ausgeschrieben ist das Atelier im Freien mit 3.000 Euro. Der Stein muss von dem*der Künstler*in selbst mitgebracht werden und verbleibt nach den vier Wochen auch weiterhin in privatem Besitz.

Die Förderung sieht vor, dass im Körnerpark an fünf Tagen pro Woche für mindestens sechs Stunden gearbeitet wird. Da der Park in einem Wohngebiet liegt, können laute Geräte nur eingeschränkt eingesetzt werden. Bildhauer- und eventuelles Hebewerkzeug für den Transport werden ebenfalls nur bedingt gestellt.

Bewerbungsschluss ist der 31. März 2020.

Weitere Informationen gibt es unter

Bettina Busse

Förderer & Partner