With the aim of providing resources and opportunities for the strengthening of the art ecosystem and its institutions, a total of 100,000 USD will be divided into 10 grants of 10,000 USD. The grants will be awarded in four categories: Artists (four grants), Art and Social Engagement (two grants), Organizations (two grants), and Publications (two grants).
Grants are intended for artists, artistic collectives, non-profit organizations, institutions and foundations that have a significant connection with Latin America, either by nationality, cultural heritage and/or the site where the project will be carried out.

Artists Grants are intended for artists and/or collectives whose practices are focused on the visual arts. Specific proposals for research or artistic creation will be accepted, such as: production of work or exhibitions that are not associated with commercial spaces, development of a project, archive or preservation of their own work, among other examples.

Art and Social Engagement Grants are intended to support specific initiatives that, through visual arts, contribute to generate a positive impact on society. Projects that use artistic practice to promote education, social inclusion and the enhancement of the community will be accepted with the aim of accompanying social and collaborative practices. 

Publications Grants are intended to contribute to art publications and/or publications by Latin American artists. Non-profit artistic entities, individuals, and small and medium-sized publishing houses may apply.

For further information please visit: fundacionamaamoedo.org.


Mail: info(at)fundacionamaamoedo.org

Deadline: May 15, 2023

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