As part of our goal to spark meaningful dialogue, cultivate empathy, and facilitate collaborations that connect across boundaries, we’re thrilled to announce the second year of the Artlab Editorial Fellowship. We are looking for two art writers whose forward-thinking insights and intimate ties to their communities and geographic regions offer a critical lens through which to view art as a bellwether for change.

This fellowship is open to art writers from anywhere in the world, and at any stage of their career.

The two selected fellows will be provided $10,000 each to produce three pieces of writing for Artlab Editorial in 2024. Additionally, each Fellow will be paired with one of this year’s Fellowship advisors for regular one-on-one guidance and mentorship throughout the program.

For further information please visit:


Hyundai Artlab
Instagram: @HyundaiArtlab

Deadline: March 31, 2024

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