Artists, conservation practitioners, researchers, scholars, scientists, and/or writers are encouraged to apply to our Interdisciplinary Residency Program. The goal of this program is to provide individuals with the time and space to pursue their own creative projects alongside other Residents who may be examining plants, landscapes, gardens, and the natural world from different perspectives. We offer 5-week or 2-week sessions. The 2-week program is designed for parents, caregivers, or others for whom a 5-week Residency is not possible.

Dates for 2024:
5-week Session I: Monday, March 11 – Sunday, April 14
5-week Session II: Monday, May 20 – Sunday, June 23
5-week Session III: Monday, August 12 – Sunday, September 15
5-week Session IV: Monday, September 30 – Sunday, November 3

2-week Session I: Sunday, April 21 – Sunday, May 5

2-week Session II: Sunday, July 7 – Sunday, July 21

After the first week – orientation week – Residents will be provided about 3 meals per week, and these are a very means of building community among Residents and OSGF staff. Residents are required to join all provided meals, and will take turns helping clean the dishes and space afterwards. 
Each Resident will have a private bed- and bathroom, and shared living space and kitchen with 1 – 3 other Residents. Visual artists will have 24/7 access to a studio within 0.75 miles of their accommodations, and other Residents will have a designated writing space in their accommodations.

Residents selected for a 5-week session receive a $2,000 individual grant, and Residents selected for a 2-week session receive an $800 individual grant.

For further information please visit:


Oak Spring Garden Foundation 
1776 Loughborough Ln
Upperville, Virgina 20184
United States
Mail: programs(at)

Deadline: May, 31 2023

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