This international, interdisciplinary competition aims to promote projects that examine the Social Contract in light of contemporary crises and draft a design for tomorrow. By investigating avenues for a new social order serving the general interest, this competition should facilitate a collective rethinking of ecology, public health, participatory democracy, social justice, and any other key global factors, creating substantial impetus for a new model of society. Entries to this competition, individual or collective, may come in any form, using any medium: theoretical text, work of art, film, practical project, etc..

This initiative is open to young people and adults, artists, academics, interdisciplinary research groups, associations, NGOs, schools, and anyone else who is interested.

Two prizes are awarded:
$20,000 for participants ages 25 and younger
$20,000 for participants over age 25

For further information please visit:


Maison Rousseau et Littérature
Patrick Gosatti
Grand-Rue 40
1204 Geneva, Switzerland
Mail: contratsocial(at)

Deadline: June 28, 2023

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